stefano ferrara wood fired oven

Wood Fired Brick Oven

What makes our Neapolitan pizzas so flavorful?  Aside from the fresh ingredients that we use, our hand-crafted Stefano Ferrara wood fired brick oven shipped directly from Italy is the main reason why.

To create a true Pizza Napoletana, you must use a soft dough, have a wood fired brick oven that maintains a constant temperature near 1000 degrees and keep an eye on the pizza as it cooks to perfection. The end result is that in less than 90 seconds, you have a slightly-charred, light and airy crust full of smoky flavor.

The Makings of a Stefano Ferrara Brick Oven

Each Stefano Ferrara wood fired brick oven is handcrafted near Naples, Italy using only the finest of materials.

Construction of each oven begins with bricks from Santa Maria in the Campania region of Italy, mortar from volcanic sand collected from Mt. Vesuvius and Biscotto di Sorrento from Sorrento. 

Our Napoli trained pizza maker then takes all of these elements and uses them to produce an authentic Pizza Napoletana.